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HER Internet ran a campaign on mental health were we shared the effects of over using the internet and how it impacts on our mental health. Read more.

HER Internet was part of a breakfast meeting organised by Women Human Rights Defenders Network and Uganda Women Parliamentary Association. Read more. 

“Examining the Effects of Shrinking Civic Space on Feminist Organizing Online. Visit the link to watch the full video of the interview. https://youtu.be/WtbIQytFAL0  

Her Internet launched three animated videos on “Decoding Online Violence” The first video is on Identity Based Violence something Read more. 

The second animated video was on “Threats of Violence” portrayed by Pam, who is a single mom. In our research report Read more.

Our third video reveals how Shane “Outs” her friend Maddie because of a small disagreement they had. In our research report Read more.

HER Internet hosted the launch of the animation videos on Decoding Online Violence which showed some of the many Read more. 

The content developed and shared throughout the duration of the CyberbullyingEndsNow online campaign Read more.

HER Internet ran an online campaign under the hashtags CyberBullyingEndsNow #nottodaybully Read more.

HER Internet - Africa

HER Internet ran an anti-cyberbullying campaign for several weeks from June to August 2021. The 'CyberbullyingEndsNow! Read more

HER Internet - Africa

On 7th July 2021, HER Internet hosted a dialogue on “Finding Community amidst the pandemic and Internet restrictions”. Read more

HER Internet - Africa

On 11 May 2021, HER Internet hosted a dialogue on Surveillance and security to unpack what digital safety and security look like in this age of digital surveillance. Read more

For Womxn’s Day 2020, we held a safe space for minority womxn to discuss circumstances that enable gender inequalities to persist in online usage and spaces. We tackled themes of patriarchy, misogyny, cyber security laws and enactment in Uganda in relation to minority womxn. Read more.

Starting out as a partnership with a civic tech organisation- Policy, HER Internet’s DigiSec Dialogues have brought together artists, journalists and activists to discuss digital security and digital literacy. We delved into topics like Unlocking Algorithms; Misinformation, Disinformation and Trolling; Personal and Professional Branding; and Protecting your content online. Read more. 

HER Internet is proud to be a part of the first LBQ Loose Network in Uganda. This network was formed for all LBQ womxn around Uganda to come together and discuss the issues that affect us as a movement. It is a unique space that allows us to share with our key constituencies knowledge on digital literacy and security. Read more. 

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