Our Vision
An equal and just internet for all womxn so that they are their own agents of social change. 
Our Mission
Equipping womxn with digital literacy and cyber security information and skills for increased and safer online engagement, while contributing to the objectives of the feminist movement.

Our Values

Inclusivity and Fairness to celebrate our diversity as womxn;
Innovation and Creativity to adapt to, and leverage the opportunities presented by the ever changing environment in which we operate;
Collaboration and Teamwork to leverage the power of partnerships to achieve our goals; and
Transparency and Accountability with those that we work for and with, and to our own values and principles so we can build and maintain trust.
Sandra Kwikiriza
Sandra Kwikiriza 
Executive Director

Sandra Kwikiriza is a fierce champion of human rights both online and offline. She has over five years of experience in human rights advocacy and activism, specifically focusing on LGBTQ and womxn’s rights. She sits on the Pan Africa International Lesbian Gay Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association Board 2018/20 as the Treasurer and serves on the Womxn’s Steering committee of the ILGA World board. She is a digital security trainer and is trained in Campaign training, Media and Documentation. She holds leadership certificates from African Womxn’s Leadership Initiative (AWLI), Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) and East African Human Rights Program (EAHRP) directly related to her activism for LGBTQ and womxn’s rights.
Sandra was inspired to set up HER Internet by witnessing the limited knowledge and access to information on digital rights amongst her peers. The internet is a minefield, and this is doubly so for marginalized groups as our online presence translates offline as well. She would like to create a more accepting internet, and arm marginalized womxn with the tools to safely navigate it without compromising their identity as well emotional and physical safety.

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