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About Us

Exceptional Service Delivery to the LBQ womxn

HER Internet is a young womxn-led feminist organization that advocates for the digital rights and internet freedoms of womxn, focusing on LBQ (lesbian, bisexual and queer) womxn.

HER Internet has responded to high levels of cyber crime, increased surveillance by state and non-state actors, and online violence directed at womxn and LBQ movements.

Our programs focus on creating and providing safe spaces, rights-based training and advocacy through digital and in-person space-holding. Our ways of working reflect a solid commitment to building connectively across digital feminist movements.

Our Vision

An equal and just internet for all womxn so that they are their
own agents of social change.

Our Mission

Equipping womxn with digital literacy and cyber security information and skills for increased and safer online engagement, while contributing to the objectives of the feminist movement.

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