Cyber Security Awareness.

We hosted a space with womxn to dialogue under the topic "Privacy online, offline and in between" as part of our contribution towards #cybersecurityawarenessmonth call to all of us to DoYourPart #BeCyberSmart.

Whether or not we have privacy while online today is up for debate. The key is knowing where the invisible line that we so often cross is. We believe the liberation of womxn comes from having the right information.

Research is the best source of knowledge and through it we have learned the dangers  Technology Assisted Violence has caused womxn on the internet. The facts are spoken for in this very research conducted country wide that has been wrapped up with the central region.

The data is currently being analysed and compiled, So watch the space!


It is an undeniable fact that technology has somehow pacified mankind.Our research preliminary results effects of technology assisted violence faced by minority womxn in Uganda.  We are raising awareness on violence that occurs while using the internet and collecting experiences from different communities as well.  We aim to equip as many womxn as possible with pertinent information on how to engage safely online which will in turn ensure that womxn are aware of their freedom*s* on the internet

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