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We present to you the first Issue of our biannual newsletter that shares our work and the current affairs at HER Internet.

We extend our unreserved gratitude to allies, partners, friends and community members for supporting our work.

HER Internet Newsletter Issue 1 - Click Here to Download

HER Internet extends its unreserved gratitude to all the respondents who took part in the study. We are also indebted to our partners Global Fund for Women and the Equality Fund who worked closely with us during the study, from conception until completion.

This research is commissioned by HER Internet - a womxn-led organization established in 2018 to advocate for internet equalities for minority womxn in Uganda. HER Internet was set up to promote and protect the rights to freedom of expression, privacy, data protection and internet access of minority womxn. In Uganda and globally, womxn are facing increased online harassment, blackmail and extortion.

In addition, the non-consensual sharing of private information and other forms of cybercrime, surveillance and censorship unduly target minority womxn because of their unique circumstances including; their sexual orientation, gender identity/expression and/or choice of work.

The trends and impact of technology assisted violence among lesbian , bisexual ,queer (LBQ) womxn and female sex workers ( FSW) in Uganda - Click Here to Download

Soon or later this will catch up with you! It has been entrenched in institutions and social life   yet continues to harm society in  all  aspects. Online violence is a scourge that has caused immeasurable emotional, psychological and even physical torture to womxn.

One third of womxn in Uganda have experienced this and not documenting the extent of the side effects. In this handbook we seek causes of the persistent online violence, ways in which it manifests and target groups. Nevertheless we strive for the betterment of womxn on the global web.

Decoding Online Violence Handbook - Click Here to Download

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