Sandra Kwikiriza

Sandra Kwikiriza - Executive Director

Sandra Kwikiriza

Sandra Kwikiriza is a feminist who has several years of experience in Human rights advocacy and activism, specifically focusing on LGBTQ and Women’s rights. She is a digital security trainer and also holds certificates in Campaign training, Media and Documentation and leadership certificates directly related to her activism for LGBTQ rights and has attended the African Women Leaders’ Institute. 

As a result of her expertise, community-mapping and research, Sandra identified issues and gaps affecting (W)HRDs and the need for spaces and resources to promote the digital rights, safety and security needs of LBQ womxn and female sex workers, thus founding HER Internet. HER Internet is a womxn led feminist organization that advocates for the digital rights and internet freedoms of women focusing on LBQ (lesbians, bisexual and queer) womxn and female sex workers.

HER Internet has responded to high levels of cybercrime, increased surveillance by state and non-state actors, and online violence directed at womxn and LBTQ movements. Their programs focus on creating and providing safe spaces, rights-based training and advocacy through digital and in-person space-holding. Their ways of working reflect strong organization and accountability among their small team and a solid commitment to building connectively across digital feminist movements.

HER Internet is working within the Feminist Principles of the Internet to advocate for development and use of technologies that challenge sexism and discrimination on the bases of self-determination and as influenced by feminist principles and queer theory.
With their expertise in feminist and queer movement-building, HER Internet is working specifically on the rights of queer women to freedom of expression, privacy, data protection and Internet access, given their experiences of erosion of safe spaces and increasing restrictions and rights violations in Uganda specifically.

Kahume Kettie

Finance Director/Administration Officer

As a Finance Director at HER Internet, Miss Kettie Kahume brings five years of experience in the field, with responsibilities spanning from audit, tax and financial reporting. She prepares all the accounting work for HER Internet, oversees grant management analysis and plays a lead role in the preparation of audited financial statements, tax returns and grant related reports and schedules to support financial reports to the board.

While at Destiny Consultants Limited, Kettie prepared monthly closing and various reports for clients in compliance with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS’s), the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP’s); and prepared quarterly and annual financial statements with high client satisfaction. She is highly skilled at data entry and analysis using a myriad of accounting software.

Kettie holds a degree in Business Administration majoring in accounting from St. Lawrence University, is a CPA 2, and has certificates in digital security and International and African legal framework on freedom of expression access to information and the safety of journalists. She enjoys focusing on topics of womxn development and has a strong passion for womxn empowerment. 

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