Identity-Based Violence

Her Internet launched three animated videos on “Decoding Online Violence” The first video is on Identity Based Violence something that is common in the LBQ community especially when it comes to the masculine representing womxn. This character is portrayed by Zawadi who feels comfortable with her Identity body, and outfit. We also see how the violence manifests from online to her offline life. Tips and Advices show how one can protect themselves from people who share hateful comments especially if they don’t know the person. CyberBullyingEndsNow #nottodaybully #heronlinesafety.

Breakfast Meeting by Women Human Rights Defenders Network and Uganda Women Parliamentary Association.

HER Internet was part of a breakfast meeting organised by Women Human Rights Defenders Network and Uganda Women Parliamentary Association. The purpose of the meeting was to raise awareness on online gender-based violence against WHRDs, as well as discussing the emerging trends of online violence and how it has affected WHRDS and their activism work. At this space, HER Internet facilitated a session on consciousness raising around online violence, the underlying factors causing it and how to collectively mitigate its effects. A commitment to proactively address online gender based violence was made by Uganda Women Parliamentary Association.

Mental Health and the Internet

The month of may is highlighted with Mental Health awareness a timmmme to talk and share about mental Health Issues. HER Internet ran a campaign on mental health were we shared the effects of over using the internet and how it impacts on our mental health. Many people with access to the Internet do so on a daily basis, and the Internet has become a well-integrated part of our lives. This has led to changes in how we live our lives, how we construct and maintain social relations and self-identities, seek information, and enjoy entertainment. The Internet itself is not the main cause of poor mental health but the way we use it can negatively impact us through a number of ways such as: causing anxiety and depression; some negative impact on physical health including strained eyes, back pain or change in sleep patterns; low self-esteem and in extreme cases, Internet addiction disorder. Taking care of our mental health is always important and we have all faced strange, unprecedented times with the COVID19 pandemic. With increased use of the internet – especially social media, there is often little escape from reality. It can feel impossible to “unplug” and take a break from the online world.

Examining the Effects of Shrinking Civic Space on Feminist Organizing Online.

“Examining the Effects of Shrinking Civic Space on Feminist Organizing Online. Watch the full video of the interview below.

Validation Meeting by Human Rights Awareness and Promotion Forum

HER Internet attended a validation meeting by Human Rights Awareness and Promotion Forum to discuss and validate a draft training manual to train Civil Society organisations on crisis response, the use of tools for crisis response, and making effective referrals for legal and paralegal as well as relevant health services.

Workshop On Message Development

Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) in collaboration with Initiative for Equality and Non-Discrimination (INEND) a regional partner of SMUG, invited HER INTERNET for a three day workshop on message development. As our work involves engaging in advocacy and lobbying, we have to develop the right messages for our different audiences who are Partners, allies, and other stakeholders. The messaging guide was called, “Opening Hearts Messaging Guide for Activists and Allies’.

Biannual Newsletter 2021 Issue 2

We share with you the second issue of our biannual newsletter that shares the work we have been doing at HER Internet.

We extend our candid gratitude to everyone who has been present with us throughout the year 2021.
HER Internet Newsletter Issue 2

A Virtual fireplace

Our executive director moderated a virtual fireplace on the experiences of young women and gender-expansive persons on advocacy for inclusive legal and policy frameworks/systems in addressing violence, the alternatives, and sharing the moments of joy and resistance. The goal was to contribute to the conversation and devise strategies for alternative forms of justice in a collective effort to end violence against women now. This space was organized by Akina Mama wa Afrika and was attended by over 50 people.

Consultative meeting with Facebook

HER Internet was part of a consultative meeting held by Pollicy on behalf of Facebook to understand how Facebook’s policies can better serve their user community and how to manage violating content on the platform. Specific discussions around the violence faced by public figures on their platform were held with the intention of enabling Facebook’s Bullying and Harassment policy, better serve their user community. Facebook regularly reaches out to external stakeholders to seek their expertise, provide visibility into their policies as well as discuss questions and concerns about their products

Stakeholder’s Dialogue on the Challenges of Youth HRDs

HER Internet was part of a panel discussion on the various challenges faced by Youth Human Rights Defenders in the current shrinking civic environment in Uganda. This event was organized by Freedom House Uganda and was attended by several organizations working on human rights,the ambassador of the USA to Uganda and other key stakeholders in the human rights space. We highlighted the challenges faced by queer womxn and sex workers in utilizing and accessing digital platforms with the ever increasing rates of online violence.